The College of The Bahamas
           School of English Studies
Faculty and Staff

Michelle Bain
      University of Florida (Applied Linguistics), 1997-2001
      M.A. SIU at Carbondale (Applied Linguistics), 1993
       TESOL Certificate, University of North Florida, 2007

Office: A110
Office Phone:       (242) 302-4497

Areas of Expertise and Interest: Applied Linguistics; Bahamian Linguistics (Bahamianist); Bahamian Creole/Dialect Studies; Caribbean Creole studies; English Language Education; Caribbean and Diasporic Literature

Selected Publications:
"English Language Teaching and Bahamian Dialect Interference:       Some Perspectives." At Random. (1994-1995)
"Language Education and Bahamian Students' Compositions."        The College of The Bahamas Research Journal. (2005)
"Dynamic Lens of Language and Linguistics." Spectrum. (2005-      2006)

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