The College of The Bahamas
           School of English Studies
Faculty and Staff

Raymond Oenbring, Ph.D. University of Washington,       Seattle, 2009

Office:      G5
Phone: 302-4575

Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and Composition; Rhetorical
   Theory; Linguistics; Computers and Compostion

Selected Publications:
"Strategic Essentialism and the Representation of the Natural:             The Case of Ecofeminist/Scientist Wangari Maathai." In                  Agency in the Margins: Stories of Outsider Rhetoric . Ed.             Anne Stockdell-Giesler. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson             UP, 2010.
"Corpus Linguistic Studies of Standard Bahamian English: A                  Comparative Study of Newspaper Usage." The                        International Journal of Bahamian Studies 16 (2010):                51-62.
"Review of Habinek's Ancient Rhetoric and Oratory." In                              Philosophy and Rhetoric 40:4 (2007):441-444.

Recent Courses:
English 119, Section 1: College English Skills I
English 119, Section 26: College English Skills I
English 120, Section 11: College English Skills II

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