The College of The Bahamas
           School of English Studies
Language Resource Centre


  1. Isn't the LRC a place for 'slow' students or students who are failing English courses?

    No! While we certainly do provide help to students who are experiencing writing challenges in their English courses, we also help any student interested in IMPROVING his/her writing skills or receivingconstructive feedback about a piece of writing he/she may be working on.

  2. Do I have to be enrolled in an English course to receive help in the LRC?

    No. Anyone enrolled in a COB course may sign up for an appointment in the LRC. We help students working on essays, term papers, and writing projects in any discipline. In fact, we also help students who are working on college application essays, job letters and other kinds of writing.

  3. How is tutoring provided here different from other tutoring programs at the College?

    At the LRC, you are helped by Faculty members in the School of English Studies- persons with instructional experience.

  4. Can I talk to someone in the LRC about a paper I haven't started writing yet?

    Sure. We help students at any stage of the writing process - pre-writing, drafting, revising etc.

  5. Do I have to make an appointment to receive help?

    We strongly recommend that you make an appointment. We serve drop-in customers only if time is available. However, if you do make an appointment and are more than ten minutes late, you may lose your time to another student.

  6. How long is each tutoring session?

    The time will vary according to your need, but each session is limited to 50 minutes.

  7. How many tutoring sessions can I attend each week?

    To accommodate as many students as possible, students are limited to two sessions per week.

  8. Can I 'drop off 'a paper to be proofread or edited?

    No. We do not provide proofreading services because one of our goals is to help YOU improve your own editing and proofreading skills. However, if we see patterns of errors, we can help you learn to identify and correct them.

  9. Is there a fee to use the LRC?

    No! This service is provided free of charge.

  10. What about typing and printing documents?

    You may use the computers for writing or related activities, and you may print from your personal C.O.B. account.

  11. What are the LRC's hours?

    Hours vary, so stop by, call, or e-mail for specific times.