The College of The Bahamas
           School of English Studies
Language Resource Centre


The primary mission of the Language Resource Centre is to serve the writing needs of all students at the College of The Bahamas. A secondary mission involves serving the writing needs of the COB community and, in the near future, the needs of the wider island community.

In order of priority, the Centre's first operating principle is to encourage students to take and maintain a positive attitude towards their writing. The Centre aims to assist students in college preparatory courses in developing their writing skills in order to proceed to college level English courses, and it also aims to work with any other student at any stage of the writing process.

A second principle is that the writer does his or her own writing. Facilitators will not write papers or be used as proof-readers for homework assignments. Facilitators will, using common tutoring procedures, guide the student writer through the prewriting and drafting processes that lead eventually to the finished essay. The goal is to improve the writer and the writing, not perfect it.

A third principle is that in one-to-one tutoring, higher -order concerns (like invention, finding sources of content, thesis generation, structuring and developing ideas with specific, concrete support) take precedence over lower-order ones (like syntax, grammar, mechanics, dialectal differences, etc). Students in the final stages of a draft may request help with specific grammatical concerns, but facilitators will address these areas only after higher level concerns are discussed. Exercises that assist understanding of lower order concerns also may be used to improve students' understanding of various grammatical concerns.

The mission of the Centre is fulfilled when the student or client is satisfied that he or she is more confident about writing effectively and reading his or her work critically. The focus, therefore, is always on improving the skills of the writer through the specific sample of writing.